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Texas Dealer for Airport Runway Sweepers

At Industrial Disposal Supply, we understand the importance of maintaining a clean and clear airport facility. We sell and service TYMCO’s line of Airport Sweepers that are well-equipped to implement routine sweeping practices on airport runways, ramps, aprons, and taxiways. It is very common for most airport facilities to have dedicated sweeping resources to help prevent FOD (Foreign Object Damage).

High-Speed Performance

TYMCO originally designed the Model HSP® (High Speed Performance) for the United States Military to meet their High-Speed Runway Sweeper Performance Specification requiring 6 different tests over 140 sq ft on a flat level paved area. Due to their ability to perform well they now been accepted by civilian airports as well.


Model 435®

Airport Sweeper


Model 500x®

Airport Sweeper


Model 600®

Airport Sweeper


Model HSP®

Airport Sweeper

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