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Green Machines

Here at Industrial Disposal Supply we are proud to be the exclusive dealer of Green Machines in the state of Texas! 

Green Machines is amongst the oldest manufactures of sweepers, dating back to 1964 and having its roots in Scotland. The very first machine was a walk-behind machine. Something that could be described as a huge vacuum machine for outdoor use. It was 20 years later that Green Machines moved from petrol to diesel-powered machines. It was in 1992 that they launched their first 400-series model. It was so futuristic that it played its own role in Star Wars: Episode 1 - Phantom Menace.

The latest industry changing, innovating power of Green Machines can be found in their very first, fully electric Lithium-Ion powered street sweepers. From day one Green Machines has been at the forefront of innovation. These innovations have changed the way our streets are kept clean and how cities think about their operations.



The 400 series are perfectly suited for cleaning the most exacting outdoor areas and can withstand maximum strain in everyday operation.



Тhe GM400ze is a fully electric sweeper, with up to 8 hours of runtime. The GM400ze is a zero-emission, dust-free cleaning machine, suitable for maintaining outdoor as well as indoor areas.



Lasting performance for a clean town, city and environment. The electrically operated Zero – Emission 500ze of Green Machines uses the latest generation of lithium ion storage batteries. They last the whole working day. At unbeatably low energy costs.

636 Stage V

A really special sweeper. By reducing water consumption considerably and with its sophisticated design details, Green Machines 636 stage V cuts labor and maintenance costs.

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