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Dura-Bilt Industrial Trash Compactors for Waste Material Handling

As a part of our complete Solid / Waste Recycling solutions, Industrial Disposal Supply sells and services both stationary and self-contained trash compactors for bulk waste disposal. As always, you can expect that Industrial Disposal Supply will provide our value-added services to ensure that you are getting the right solution to your unique disposal needs. Our Dura-Bilt compactors help dispose of larger or unusually shaped objects, reduce mass, and provide large capacities. These trash compactors are also liquid-tight and help reduce exposure to pavement damage, making them an optimal solution for schools and apartment complexes.

Stationary Compactors

Dura-Bilt Stationary compactors are designed for compacting large bulky loads of dry waste. We make them in a variety of  sizes from 2 cubic yards up to 6 cubic yards, according to the size of material that you need to compact. Detachable receiver containers with our distinctive IDS curved style design are available up 40 cubic yards in volume.

Contact us about our IDS upgrades. IDS can customize your compactor with larger cylinders and modified ram faces for high density compaction that will give you heavier loads, or heavy-duty GPM hydraulic pumps for faster cycle times should your packer be automatically loaded with a conveyor. IDS will design the perfect loading platform based on how you want to load your equipment, either from the ground or off a loading dock.

Self-Contained Compactors

Dura-Bilt Self-Contained Compactors are designed to handle wet waste and are ideal for: Restaurants, Hospitals, Apartment Complexes, Hotels, Malls, Schools and Food Processors. To accomplish this, the compactor and container are one unit and are hauled off together when full. The self-contained feature also helps with housekeeping, odors, and insect control.

Dura-Bilt Stationary Compactors

If your disposable wastes include large objects, the Dura-Bilt 400 with a 60×65” hopper opening is designed to meet your needs. The heavy-duty construction assures you a long life and low maintenance. The remote operator station features a 100% full light warning for the convenience of the user.



Large 60 x 65” charge box to receive large or unusual shaped objects

Heavy-duty construction

Lower maintenance cost

High density payloads

Shockless pump operation

High torque – tri voltage motor

Pressure switch controlled power circuit for dependability and low maintenance

100% full light indicator

Optional Equipment

Dock Ramp

Safety hand rails and end gate

Side or dock hopper

Fully enclosed dog house – with door

Side or rear opening thru-wall-chute with security door

Fluid filled pressure gauge / “trashmizer”

Special application container guide

Cart dumper – side or dock level

Extra length hoses (if required)

Oil immersion heater

Deodorizer system

Electric eye or sonic sensor for chute loading

Computer controlled power unit

Power units up to 30 HP

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