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Custom Built Vertical Balers - Dura-Bilt Tite Wad Balers

Tite-Wad vertical balers are used to bale a wide variety of recovered materials for transport, including corrugated cardboard, aluminum and steel cans, plastics and fibers. They are constructed of structural and angle steel for maximum strength and durability.

All Tite-Wad vertical balers feature automatic bale size, sockless hydraulic system for smooth operation, positive-action retaining teeth and gradual-release door opening system. Tite-Wad vertical balers are also available in low-profile, mini-bale and custom sizes to meet almost any volume or application requirements.


Automatic bale size system

Soft-shift shockless hydraulic circuit

Safety interlock circuit on bale door and safety feed gate

Semi-automatic bale ejection system, automatic ejector release

Factory wired for easy installation

Heavy-duty retaining teeth

Manual pull down safety gate


Safety Features

Motor overload protectors standard on all units

Safety loading gate must be closed to operate. If raised during cycle, baler will reverse and shut down in UP position

Balers equipped with electrical safety interlocks to prevent cycling with doors open

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