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Rock Rental Equipment Dealership

Rental & Service Locations in Plano, Houston, and San Antonio, TX

Industrial Disposal Supply is an approved dealership for Rock Rental – A Sewer Equipment Company. Rock Rental’s line of combo trucks, vacuum excavators, jetting trucks, jetting railers and other specialty equipment is fully serviced & tested and comes with a full team of field service technicians to support customers after the rental or purchase of the equipment. Demonstrations of the equipment is available prior to rent or purchase.


Daily, Weekly, & Long-Term Equipment Rentals Include:

Combination Sewer Cleaners – Genesis Water Recycler Capellotto by Sewer Equipment, 900 ECO Combination Sewer Cleaner Sewer Equipment CO. of America

Hydro & Air Excavators – Talos Liquid Vacuum Truck, AX-XL Air Excavator RAMVAC by Sewer Equipment, Tempest Industrial Air Mover RAMVAC by Sewer Equipment, HX-15/27 Hydro Excavator RAMVAC by Sewer Equipment

Camera Inspection – Camera Inspection Van RapidView IBAK

Truck & Trailer Jetters – 800-HPR ECO Truck Jet Sewer Equipment CO. of America, 800 Series IV Truck Jet Sewer Equipment CO. of America, Model 184 Trailer Jetter Mongoose Jetters by Sewer Equipment

Industrial Air Movers

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