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Green Machines 400ze

The best walk-behind sweeper is now fully electric and more eco friendly

The new GM400ze is now a zero-emission, fully electric sweeper with up to 8 hours of runtime. Its unique REX air recycling system allows a dust-free operation.

From parks, city centers, malls, throughout airports, and warehousing, the GM400ze sweeps quietly day and night.


GM400ze Technical Specification

Machine Dimension

Sweeping System


Air Sweeper

Width: All versions

1140 mm

45 in


GM400ze S2D: 2510 mm
GM400ze RS: 2997 mm

GM400ze S2D: 99 in
GM400ze RS: 118 in

Cleaning path: Minimum

1170 mm

46 in

Sweeping Brush diameter

470 mm

19 in

Brush Reach

(Beyond Front of Unit)

440 mm

 17.3 in


GM400ze: 1143 mm
GM400ze: 1243 mm

GM400ze S2D: 45 in
GM400ze RS: 49 in


GM400ze S2D: 460 kg
GM400ze RS: 500 kg

GM400ze S2D: 1014 lbs
GM400ze RS: 1102 lbs

Volume capacity (max)

75 |

284 gal

Disposable Bag Size (Standard Trash Bag)

110 – 200 l

30-55 Gal

Vacuum Impeller Diameter

420 mm

16.5 in

Vacuum Impeller Construction

6 Blade Abrasion Resistant Steel

Hard Faced Edges

Turning Circle (between walls)

1350 mm

53 in

Vacuum Impeller Housing

Stainless Steel

0.25 inch

(6 mm) Replaceable Wear Plates

Vacuum Impeller Speed

up to

2700 rpm

Debris Reduction Pulverizing Impeller

Vacuum Hose Diameter

200 mm

7.9 in

Wander Hose Length

2,2 m

7.2 ft


100 mm

3.9 in

Accessories and Optional Equipment


Touchscreen display


Flexible suction hose


Snowplow attachment

The GM400ze is suited for cleaning almost all outdoor areas. Its quiet operations and agility make it perfect for use in malls, parking lots, airports.


400ze video
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