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Dura-Bilt Tite Wad Drum Crushers

New disposal regulations in many states prohibit the dumping of metal drums and large metal containers unless they have been crushed or reduced in size.  These laws have been adopted to eliminate the burial of potentially hazardous liquids and vapors.

The Dura-Bilt Tite-Wad Drum Crusher will dramatically reduce a 55-gallon steel drum to an overall height of just 4-1/2”.  The standard platen spike punctures the drum to release pressure on the drum as it is being crushed.  At a crush rate of 60 drums per hour, the Dura-Bilt Drum Crusher will quickly reduce the overall size of empty 55-gallon drums for significantly less expensive transportation and disposal costs.  The Dura-Bilt Drum Crusher can also be used to compact trash inside a used 55-gallon drum.


10-year structural warranty

Quick change dual crusher/compactor platen

E.F.C. motor – tri-voltage power unit

110VAC control circuit

Internal disconnect

Oil sight/temperature gauge

Oil pressure gauge

Platen to cylinder safety cable

Safety door interlock

Push button auto-cycle

Optional Equipment

Explosion proof motors

Single phase motors

Remote operator station

Drip pan

Remote power unit

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