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RAMVAC HX-6 Hydro Excavation Truck

The industry’s first mid-size hydro excavation truck, this RAMVAC offers increased capacity with large productivity features.  These single axle configuration units offer 6 cubic yard debris bodies, a boom reach of 13 to 18 feet with a 320-degree working radius. The 6″ vacuum system for these units features a 3000CFM and 8″ blower capacity, as well as cyclone separation, a vacuum enhancer, directional discharge, hydrostatic blower drives, and a 10-micron final filter. For the water system, the HX-6 hydro-vac truck features a 650-gallon water capacity, a 10GPM @ 2500PSI pump, 400,000BTU water heater, all in an 80,000 BTU heated enclosure.

The HX-6 also boasts compact footprints, NEMA-rated electrical systems, debris blow-off systems, and fully hydraulic power trains for superior reliability.  For customers looking to dig with air, you have the option to add a 185CFM @ 150PSI air compressor to your hydro excavation truck unit.  All these features combined with a parts and service network that is available 24/7  makes it clear why RAMVAC is the best value for your equipment needs today!

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