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Genesis Water Recycling Combo Truck

The GENESIS water recycling sewer cleaner is the result of 50 years of experience, leading to the optimization of technology allowing water to be saved, separated, and reused. Constructed for cleaning sewers and ducts, the Genesis works rapidly, efficiently and economically, recovering the used water for reuse on a continuous cycle.

Our competitors choose to modify existing sewer cleaning products with a bolt-on recycling component as an afterthought. The mechanical filtration process used by the competition limits the effectiveness of their systems. Filters become clogged when working in grease and water containing other small impurities. The passive separation approach employed by the GENESIS utilizes simple gravity, no filters and a true 5-stage system to separate the water from the impurities it contains. The GENESIS will continue to work when the competition has to quit.


Genesis Water Recycling Combo Truck Features

Smart Boom:

Exclusive SMART Boom with 65 feet of boom hose and 40 foot working length

Debris Tank:

13 yard capacity with stainless steel construction

Water Tank:

1,500 gallon tank with stainless steel construction

Water Pump:

90 GPM @ 2,500 PSI

Vacuum System:

Positive Displacement blower 3000 CFM @ 27” Hg (6” system)

Hose Reel:

1” hose @ 800’ hose

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