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Model 400 Eco Mini Combination Sewer Cleaner

Sewer Equipment introduces a brand new product to the American sewer marketplace; The Model 400 ECO Mini Combination Sewer Cleaner. To clarify, it’s a jet vac truck that utilizes a 19,500 GVWR chassis. Therefore, operating and driving the Model 400 ECO doesn’t require a CDL in addition to offering the ability to enter a standard 8-foot parking structure. This powerful mini combination truck with a compact footprint is the only of its kind in the market today. This cost-effective mini combination sewer cleaner is great as an emergency response vehicle for large contractors and municipalities. Conversely, it is also a perfect fit for small to mid-size contractors and municipalities that are looking to add a vacuum component to their jetting operations.


Truck Features

No CDL Required

Ideal as an emergency response vehicle or for small to mid-size municipalities and contractors as no CDL is required due to a 19.500 GVWR chassis

Overall Footprint

Ideal for entering standard 8 foot clearance parking structures due to being substantially smaller than a conventional combination sewer cleaner

Getting Started

Ideal for small to mid-size plumbing contractors and municipalities looking to add a vacuum component to its overall services

Pipe Diameter

Ideal for 4” to 12” lines

Photo Gallery


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