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Model 800 Truck Jet Sewer Cleaner

The 800 truck jet series offers a number of different configurations based on the needs of the customer, with the most popular being the 800-HPR ECO. While other manufacturers have imitated the design, none have equaled the productivity, reliability, flexibility and safety of the Model 800.

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The Model 800-HPR ECO Series IV truck jet from Sewer Equipment CO. of America offers the same great features as the ECO, such as fully-baffled Duraprolene water tanks, eco-friendly operating system, 190-degree rotation of the hose reel and an insulated, heated enclosure housing all water components, but has raised the bar with a host of new features. This all-weather truck’s rear door closes fully while the hose reel is extended, keeping heat inside the enclosure where water components are stored. It offers wintertime recirculation of the water system at highway speeds, a retractable canopy for sun and inclement weather and boiler to provide onboard hot water for cold weather applications. The dual reel configuration touts two hose reels in one location with the secondary reel allowing for the addition of a televising jet pod or small line sewer hose, giving operators the ability to perform multiple applications using one truck. With ergonomic controls, an operator station situated between hose reels in a dual hose reel configuration and a secondary operators station at midship, the optimized interface of the Series IV provides a more efficient and safer working environment for its operators.


The Model 800-HPRTV ECO combines the same high-pressure sewer cleaning power as the Model 800-HPR ECO, with the technology of color television inspection. This truck allows any city, contractor or agency to clean and televise pipe utilizing one truck, eliminating the need for multiple pieces of equipment and multiple crews, saving both time and money. The 800-HPRTV ECO is equipped with the innovative and unique “Umbilical Cord”* – this single construction cord houses both high-pressure sewer hose and a video communications cable. This allows the jet camera to propel itself through the pipe using high-pressure water and “color televise” as it travels. At street level, the operator views the sewer pipe on a TV monitor as the jet camera travels from manhole to manhole, overall leaving no guesswork as to what is happening in the pipe below.


The Model 800-HPRTV ECO Crew combines the same high-pressure sewer cleaning technology as the Model 800-HPR ECO and allows you to outfit your jetting truck with the camera system of your choice. There is a platform adjacent to the jet hose used to mount your preferred camera system. In addition, the truck can be configured to accommodate an extended cab chassis, which provides the space for a camera operator’s mobile office – complete with desk, chair, computer monitors and any other necessary accessories.


With many of the same great features and benefits as the Model 800-HPR ECO, the 800-H ECO is the industry standard for rear-mounted fixed reel jetters. The 800-H ECO features hydrostatic drive, many pump options, and world-class electronics. What’s more, all these features are protected in a heated one-piece shrouded compartment.  Sewer Equipment’s  800-H ECO truck jet features the industry’s only standard 3/4″ thick, 1500 gallon trademarked Duraprolene water tank.  This tank offers one-of-a-kind repairability and increased operator safety due to internal baffling eliminating the dangerous surging of water when stopping or turning with water on-board.


The Model 800-HF ECO comes complete with all the great features and standard equipment of the Model 800-HPR ECO truck jetter while utilizing a hydrostatic drive and front-mounted hose reel.

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