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Model 747 Truck & Trailer Jets

Regardless of your requirement, a 747 can be built to meet it. If a truck, instead of trailer, is more suited to your application, the 747 is offered to mount on your chassis or a factory provided unit with up to 3,000 gallons of water capacity. When truck-mounted, power can be delivered by an auxiliary engine or via PTO hydrostatic drive from the chassis’ power plant.

Sewer Equipment Co. of America built its first 747 Trailer Jetter with a rotating hose reel in 1993. Throughout its evolution, the 747 series of jetters has been the industry standard by which others are judged. Whether it is longevity, operator safety, overall value, or available options that you are looking for, the current offering of Series 747 trailer and truck jetters are without peer in the hydro jet marketplace.


Model 747 Truck & Trailer Features

One Piece Enclosure

Our one piece enclosure is designed to maintain its cosmetic and functional integrity throughout the life of your equipment. While most manufacturers bolt individual panels together to achieve its purpose this practice leads to rusting panels, missing fasteners and overall degradation of the equipment. In addition to the structural and cosmetic integrity, these enclosures function to maintenance temperatures above freezing in most conditions. With steel or aluminum available as materials of construction, our units are designed for the harshest road conditions and weather.

Duraprolene Water Tank

Many manufacturers choose to build using rotational molding. However at Sewer Equipment, they offer trademarked DURAPROLENE tanks. Unlike typical “poly” materials, our DURAPROLENE material can be repaired long after the warranty has expired. Our design is fully baffled.

Box Tube Frame

A steel box tube cross section is stronger than a “C” channel cross section. However, tube construction also costs more money. While this is indeed true, it also leads to a stronger and longer last frame designed to withstand the strenuous rigors of any application you throw at it.

NEMA 4 Wiring

Moisture can cause havoc on electrical systems which is why this equipment is protected with NEMA rated enclosures. NEMA is an acronym for National Electrical Manufacturers Association.

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