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RAMVAC HX-15 Excavator

The RAMVAC HX-15 is the “Big Daddy” of the RAMVAC family, however, you do not have to compromise for that size either. We still feature a footprint 36” shorter and a payload capacity 2500 lbs greater than our competitors. This tridem axle configuration unit offers a 15-cubic-yard debris body, a boom reach of 21 to 26 feet with a 320° working radius. The 8″ vacuum system for these units feature a 4400 CFM and 18″ blower capacity, with the ability to do 5400 CFM and 28″ blower, well as cyclone separation, a vacuum enhancer, directional discharge, hydrostatic blower drives, and a 10-micron final filter. For the water system, the HX-15 features a 1,300-gallon water capacity, a 10 GPM @ 2500 PSI pump, 400,000 BTU water heater, all in an 80,000 BTU heated enclosure.

The HX-15 also boasts compact footprints, NEMA rated electrical systems, debris blow-off systems, and fully hydraulic power trains for superior reliability. For customers looking to dig with air, you have the option to add a 185 CFM @ 150 PSI air compressor to your unit. All these features combined with a parts and service network that is available 24/7 makes it clear why RAMVAC is the best value for your equipment needs today!


RAMVAC HX-15 Excavator Features

Boom Features

RAMVAC’s boom features a 5’ extension for a total reach up to 26’ from the truck. Worm gear driven, with access to the receiver box, and an abrasion-resistant steel at the back to absorb the impact from bulk material.

Water System

The Temperature Controlled Environmental Chamber is a RAMVAC Exclusive feature. The entire water system is enclosed in this insulated, heated compartment.

Locking Differentials

RAMVAC HX trucks come standard with locking differentials and power diverters to help you get out of the most difficult terrain. Its design ensures one of the smallest footprints in the industry, allowing you to get into tight spots that other hydro excavators will not fit.

Drive System

RAMVAC Hydro Excavators’s drive systems= includes fail safes that other manufacturers do not. The truck series is equipped with independent drive systems for the blower, the water system and auxiliary hydraulics to ensure less wear and tear, as well as system separation.

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