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Dura-Bilt Compactors

Stationary Compactors

Dura-Bilt model SP-250S stationary compactor requires a mere 76 inch X 76 inch of floor or dock space, yet features a ram force of 35,334 lbs (psi).

The Dura-Bilt model SP-400 is designed for high –volume applications while the Dura-Bilt model SP-250HD stationary compactor is an extra –heavy duty compactor with reinforced chamber floor and walls.

The Dura-Bilt model SP-230 stationary compactor is for those who need very high compaction rates and the Dura-Bilt model SP-75 stationary compactor is ideal for apartment complexes, retail stores and low to medium volume installations.

Detachable receiver containers available in to 40 cubic yard capacity.

Self Contained Compactors

Dura-Bilt Self-Contained Compactors are designed to handle wet waste and are ideal for: Restaurants, Hospitals, Apartment Complexes, Hotels, Malls, Schools and Food Processors.

Vertical Compactors

Dura-Bilt Vertical Compactors are available in 4-yard, 6-yard and 8-yard sizes: designed to provide reliable, cost effective refuse hauling solutions for restaurants, convenience stores and low to medium volume applications.

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